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cropped-Support-Groups-Logo-BoxThe primary focus of Recovering From Religion is to provide practical and personal support to individuals as they let go of their religious beliefs. This transitional period is an ongoing process that can result in a range of emotions, as well as a ripple effect of consequences throughout an individual’s life. From the grief of letting go of the familiar, to the anger of being lied to and wronged in the name of religion, to the joy of realizing every choice we make is truly our own, and the inevitable grappling with the imposed codependency of religion…as well as the opportunities for education and personal growth…there are many things to discuss with people familiar with the experience. Monthly meetings are the ideal opportunity to do just that.

We offer RR Groups that meet monthly all over the world. Each local meeting is free to attend (some groups accept free-will donations for their local needs, but you are NEVER expected to pay to attend), and has it’s own personality and flair, but everyone exploring a life outside of religious belief is welcome. You don’t have to worry about being preached to, or anyone telling you to “pray harder” because proselytizing and evangelizing are NOT allowed…including advocacy of “faith healing” or any new age supernatural beliefs as well. RR Groups are led by facilitators, not “group leaders” or “directors”, because we feel strongly that this is your journey and your experience – we’re just here to be a friend along the way.

Our experience is that leaving religion is a transitional process. The more ingrained in fundamentalism you are, the further you have to travel on your journey out of dogma and superstition. Many people move through liberal religions like liberal Christianity, as well as some earth based pagan beliefs and Buddhist precepts in attempts to connect with “an energy greater than themselves.” Some even call themselves “spiritual but not religious.” We at Recovering From Religion truly do understand this need to gradually loosen your hold on the dogmatic structure of religious belief. At the same time, we will encourage you to explore those beliefs using logic and reason, and it is our hope to help you move towards a life as free from superstition as works for you.

If you’re new to Recovering From Religion, we encourage you to contact us in order to find a local group near you. If there isn’t one, please help everyone out by getting one started. The process is simple, and we are happy to help you along the way.

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